Can't see selected element in player


MacOS 10.14.3
mocp 2.5.2 (installed via brew)

There are no *selected* line, i.e. no song/element in list is selected.
It looks like selection line is presented - I can actually play music, navigate etc - but selection line is transparent.


I mean this black line on screenshot from the web - I've nothing like it

So it's difficult to use a player

I suppose you are using a default theme "example_theme". Could you try switching to another one? (key 'T')

I was using mocp for several years under linux and had no idea I can switch themes :D

it helped partially - some themes works ok (because selected element is bold, or underlined) - but background behind text never changes.

well, I can switch theme and use mocp with other theme - so now it's usable

Nice that it works somewhat. Anyway it seems like some kind of bug in either your term or ncurses for Mac.

After consulting with our Mac expert, he was unable to reproduce the problem but makes the following setting recommendation in iTerm2:

Preferences -> Profiles -> Colors -> Basic Colors
Check the "Bold" checkbox and optionally set a different and more distinguishable colour for bold text (by default it uses the colour for bright white).

Or to modify the colour settings of a single session:

Session -> Edit session -> Colors -> ...

I think there are ncurses problems fixed somewhere between 2.5.2 and trunk. If you install trunk you should see a different background color for the selected entry. I didn't try 2.6-alpha3 but maybe that works too. With Homebrew you can install trunk via brew install --HEAD moc.