You can download MOC sources from the official ftp site (could be slow):

You can also use the mirror.

Additional software

Check the links section.

Debian packages

You can install MOC using apt-get.


Current MOC RPMs are available on RPMFusion repositories. Additional packages can be found at the page maintained by Antonio Trande (see also node/824).

FreeBSD port

MOC can be installed using the FreeBSD ports system (audio/moc).


MOC is available in pkgsrc (NetBSD Packages Collection).


MOC is available in portage, you can check it at Gentoo Packages. Install it by typing:

emerge media-sound/moc

Check USE-flags for decoder plugins and other optional features.


Add the contrib repository first by typing

pisi ar contrib

Then MOC can be installed by typing

pisi it moc

or just select the package on gui with tool "package-manager".

The package maintainer is Ayan Öztürk.

Current development sources

The development version can be downloaded from the Subversion repository using this command:

svn co svn://
MOC will be placed in the trunk directory. To generate configure, run
When you run autoreconf for the first time on a freshly checked out respository you should add -i option.

To update your copy, go to the trunk directory and use the command:

svn update

Required libraries

MOC requires a few libraries that may not be present in your system. List of these is available on the links page.