Place for all stuff contributed by users. This section is unmaintained at the moment. New contributions can be found in the contrib section of the forum.


Themes are small files so I just packed them all together in a tar.gz archive without any screenshots. Just unpack them in your ~/.moc directory (so the files are in ~/.moc/themes and you can use them with Theme and XTermTheme options -- more information in the README file). Some of them are made with a specific terminal in mind and look good only in that terminal. There is always some information at the top of each file. If you think your theme should be there, please e-mail it to mocmaint.

Warning: there is a feature in MOC that can be used to preview the theme without editing the config file (press T), but it is buggy and sometimes not all attributes of characters are visible after changing the theme. The workaround is to change the current directory in MOC few times after selecting a new theme, it seems to help.

Themes 2007-06-17



Perl script that implements some kind of song change and general status information functionality. It runs in the background and invokes continuously (every 500ms) "mocp --info". The gathered status information will be submitted to two scripts via environment variables. Full description is here.



Script for submitting data from MOC to by Denis Fernandez Cabrera.


Script for XChat that shows the currently played song. Author: Roman Tworkowski.


Another script for XChat that can display the current song information and allows to control MOC from XChat. Author: kubicz10


Script for WeeChat that shows the current song. Author: Jiri Golembiovsky (golemj)

primary download link

local download (may be not up-to-date)

Little script for irsii that shows the current song. Author: Tomasz Maciejewski



Another, a bit more advanced mocp script for irssi, better description is here. Authors:



Script that parses MOC's currently playing information to the LCDd daemon.
Author: Robin Pronk


If you want to see the lyrics for the song you're listening to, you might be interested in this script. It's a quick hack (I do only quick hacks :D), but it works at least for the most popular tracks.
It's a frontend for David Precious' Lyrics::Fetcher CPAN Module, that outputs the lyrics to a pager of your choice. To use it, you can map a function key to it, e.g. F1, select a track, hit it and hope that it's found:

ExecCommand1 = "/home/kb/bin/moc-lyrics --artist %r --title %t"

Author: kb (unixprog [at]


Equalizer presets

MOC provides a parametric equalizer. It needs preset file to run. You can define presets by yourself and select it.

There are also some converted WinAmp / XMMS presets for equalizer: eqsets.tar.gz (extract inside MOC's homedir).

Please read the README_equalizer file for usage information and preset format description. Please feel free to share your own presets in the contrib section of the forum.


Current patches can be found here: forum contrib section. See the patches page for older, possibly obsolete patches.