MOC plugin for GkrellM 2.0

I created MOC plugin for GkrellM 2.0 (I hope there is no other plugin like myone for GkrellM).
You can download it from:

Please report me any bugs.

Nice, thanks, I haven't used GKrellM, but I must try it now. :)

First bug:
It causes segfault when MOC server is not running. I think it's because the plugin expects output in form of 'name: value', but when where is no server, mocp -i will run it and the first lines will be for example:

<br /> Running the server...<br /> Trying JACK...<br /> Trying ALSA...<br />

If I'm not wrong, the solution would be to skip lines without a colon.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I think it is fixed. I was not able to reproduce your bug, but I do some changes which shall prevent reading of bad lines.
New version:

Cool, if it will be similar to xmms-plugin, this will be great ;).
Also, maybe you can add librcc support for this plugin.

There is new version of MOC plugin.
Added play, pause, stop, next, previous buttons.


time slider, disabling of showed parts