A couple of minor bugs I've noticed

firstly, let me say MOC is the BEST music playing app I've ever seen, on windows or linux! Music doesnt need fancy graphics, and everything else is there!

so to the bugs. I tried setting up my layout thus:

layout1: ""playlist 0,0,100%,75% directory 0,25%,100%,75%"

and thats fine, but when I switch to playlist (so the playlist is on top, and the bottom 25% of the directory shows underneath) there is no line at the bottom of the playlist window, which makes it hard to distinguish where the playlist stops and the directory listing begins. I've got around it by making the playlist 100% deep, so the directory listing "pops up" at the bottom of it leaving 25% of the playlist visible at the top. But it would seem to be a bug.

Secondly, I put repeat on, THEN added some files to playlist, and at the end of the files that were there when I pressed repeat, it went back to the beginning.

apart from that, I love it :D

Thanks for the reports.

The reason for no bottom line is that with the default layout we would loss one line unneccesary, but I see sometimes it's needed.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer