Updated theme pack and considering including them in base?


There are a lot of themes being posted on the forums, can we get a updated theme pack with them?

Also would it be possible to include them in the moc core package?

There are a few early themes that get included ith the core moc source package, but the theme list is a little absimal.

And the theme pack hasn't been updated in years, and has stagnated about as much, can we get a updated theme pack in the core source package?

Lots of themes have been posted on the forums under contribute, and the original email address for sending them to be included in the base moc source package is out of date.

Sorry thats all for my wishlist, xD

I agree that the marshalling and maintainance of contributions falls well short of what we would like, but time is the limiting factor and a recent call for assistance was met with a deafening silence. I can't do it all, and while user tomaszg assists greatly we still need people to take on roles such as Contribution Coordinator.

Ideally, I would like to see the "Contributions" section of the web site become a vibrant bazaar where MOC add-ons are maintained by their authors and available to other users independantly of the core MOC maintainers. That's where the likes of theme packs and decoder plug-ins should really live with only a small sample being included in the core. When the plugin architecture is overhaulled in MOC 2.7 the door will be opened for many more types of contribution, but that will fail if the management of those contributions merely imposes an additional load on the core MOC development effort. So separating contributions and allowing them to evolve in parallel with the core is the right way to go, I feel.

But for that to happen two things are needed: an actively managed add-ons repository, and an enhanced MOC architecture for add-ins. I can do (and am working towards) the latter... I can't do the former.

Your doing a great job, I confess like a lot of visitors to the site I probable didn't read all of the main blog post, your currently have some severe under staffing issues, what you have planned for the future is a lot of work but it sounds like its going to lead to great things.
I don't have any experience in the areas your looking for contributions from, especially C/C++, I've just started learning Lua scripting over the last few weeks.
Makes me wonder how many of the projects we all rely on, don't get enough community involvement.
Its excellent that you plan on bringing advancement to moc, and intergrate more comprehesive features, and have stepped in to maintain it over the last several years.
I'll step eating up your development time, since it sounds like that is going to just delay some really cool stuff.
What is a more complete way to look into what needs to be done? Contributing to community based projects is something I haven't done yet.
Do you have a place where you quickly post stuff that needs to get handled?
Do you cordinate it over IRC or something?
I'm going to reread your post, thanks for your time.

I've read your post asking for community involvement and I'm not suprised there isn't any replies, I think the post makes a few mistakes when asking for contributors, just finishing up my dinner.

One of the main issues is probable that less then 1/100 visitors to the site probable actually read it.
Statistically thats a very low return on people that visit your development blog.

I'm just finishing up dinner and my after meal smoke.

I'll post about it in a sec.

Since this is offtopic to the wishlist ticket, I'll post a link to a forum topic on it when I've posted, and I'll post it here.

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