proxy settings not working

moc: 2.5.0
os: debian/testing
cpu: amd64

I am using the following settings:

HTTPProxy =

and have the following in the playlist file:


This works just fine in Rhythmbox, but does not in MOC.
"works" meaning I get music in my headphones, as expected.

I have curl installed and looking at the moc_server_log it seems
to be starting curl.

I'm pretty sure I've got something setup incorrectly. Any suggestions ?

This does not work even when I'm at home and not using a proxy server.

Does MOC support listening to internet streams ? Or am I mis-interpreting the
keys "o" and "^u" ?

Yes, MOC supports internet streams but only in a direct manner. The file you are trying to open is in fact a playlist which contains a link to a stream inside. Regretfully MOC is yet unable to parse such files. If you download the .pls file, you will see inside:


Using MOC "o" command with that address works as expected (at least for me :) ).

It has been a long due "todo" item to provide some mechanism for MOC to parse remote playlist files but so far nobody has provided MOC maintainer with a patch :)