no ogg-stream-metainfo ?

I just realized that MOC fetches metainformation (title, artist, etc) from mp3-streams but seems not to do so for ogg-streams.
Is this a decoder-bug or a 'known feature' ?
When playing streams via ogg123 the information is available.

I have to admit that I tested only one stream, so maybe this works just not for this stream :

There are two sources of title when straming vorbis: vorbis tags and shoutcast metainfo, MOC uses both and displays the last title it receives, ogg123 uses only vorbis tags. It is confusing, but the proper way to send the title is the shoutcast metainfo, your stream is an example of a broken stream.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

It's not the only, there are so MANY of broken streams. The world is full of broken things ;)