How to save Transpernt Theme

Hi All,


How do I go about saving the theme?
Every time I launch MOC I hace to go into SHIFT + T and select the transparent theme.
Is ther a config file somewhere that I can permanetly set the theme to Transparent?

I'm usint Ubuntu 14.10.


The config file is ~/.moc/config and relevant option is called Theme. Check config.example file for the list of other options.


I do not have the ~/.moc/config and the config.example is not present.
I did find the following however
/MyHome/.moc/ This dirctory contains my play list and some other files but no config.example
/usr/share/moc This has the theme files in it but again no config.example.

Could you please post the config.example for me?


In the usual install, config.example should be in /usr/share/doc/moc (along with some readme files). If it's not there maybe Ubuntu devs moved it somewhere. You could list files in moc package and see where it is (I never used Ubuntu package manager, so I can't help you with that).

However, if the file is not present, you can just grab a source tarball from this webpage, it will be included there.


The file was in /usr/share/doc/moc.