Android client


I think it would be great to control MOC from android (via ssh but using cute GUI).
It is the only reason I use mpd :(
Need this app very much!!!

There is an intention to provide a bridge so any MPD client can be used with MOC, but it's not scheduled for some time. There has been some discussion previously on using MPRIS in MOC and I think the preferred way forward would be for MOC to provide a more general MPRIS bridge rather than an explicit MPD client bridge.

That's all design work which still needs to be done, but pushing for MPRIS support in MPD clients would be a good way of preparing the way for when MOC does finally support MPRIS. From memory, there is one MPD client which currently supports MPRIS... there may be more.

thanks, I'll read this

Just let me ask a stupid question - if you want GUI, why do you use MOC? :) MOC is really great when controlled from Android via ssh app - even on keyboardless devices.

I just want to control tracks on my Linux HTPC by android phone