Twitter share


I'm fan of sharing on twitter what i'm hearing. With many soundplayers I can do it, but with MOC, I can't.

Few time ago, I was working on a little program for send tweets from the Linux terminal, but then, Twitter API change and ka-boom.

Today, I'm learning how works the new API. I'm thinking about join both projects... But I need any method to "extract" a string with the name of the audio being played in MOC, at the moment of sharing.

Also I've got this, a twitter CLI client made with Ruby

Anyone interested?

You can use "mocp -i" command or just bind your script to ExecCommandx in .moc/config with the proper parameters. There are some examples how to do it in the contrib section, you can look for example at lyrics scripts

Wow, thanks! I'm sorry if it is annoying, because I don't read yet all the documentation about MOC.

I'm going to try some things with it... Thanks!!


Script is now on Contrib & GitHub. Fully functional!