Next search not working


the search is not working for me.
I Press "/" to start searching type "fo" and then it displays some matching artist with "fo". But when I want to go the next matching artist in the search result, nothing happens. Ctrl+g doesn't work. Neither any other key to which I remap the "next_search".
I am on Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca and run mocp 2.5.0-beta1.

Any suggestions?

MOC uses an incremental search where the listing is increasingly restricted to matches as you key in the search string, so finally only those items matching the search string are displayed. In this scenario, there is no reason to have a next_search function (and I should probably remove it to avoid confusion).

Once the matching entries are displayed, you can move between them using the arrow keys in the same way as you normally would.

However, Damian remembers that the search mechanism did not always work this way and way back then the next_search function did have a purpose. When incremental searching was introduced, the code implementing next_search was removed but the help menu entry for it was not.

Thanks for your answer.
The reason navigating through those search results didn't work for me was, that I remapped Left, Down, Up, Right to the keys h,j,k,l. As I wanted to have a vim-like navigation.

Now I additionally re-added the arrow keys and it works.

However this is not optimal for a vim-like navigation.

Do the remapped keys not work for you? Oh, of course they don't; they get interpreted as additional search characters.

Hmmm, can't think of any way around that at present, and the same would be true for any other command keys as well. Maybe ESC to end search string input (which would allow for commands) then ESC again to return to the full list?

Yes, that would be good. ESC or ENTER to end search string input and then ESC again.

This would also automatically add a feature I currently miss from moc: Having the ability to play through the search results as if the search results where just another playlist; like shuffeling through search results.

One of my plans for MOC is to introduce multiple and dynamic playlists. This would mean that you would be able to do exactly as you describe; save the results of a search to a playlist and then play from that.

The intention is there, but there is still some design work to be done on the implementation and it will be some time before it become reality.

Good to know. Keep up the good work.

next_search was removed in SVN r2857.