mapping to accented character keys. non-ascii?


It seems mocp is not accepting mapping commands to keys corresponding to accented characters. It says "FATAL_ERROR: Parse error in the keymap file line 10: bad key sequence". It's a non-US keyboard., maybe mocp is accepting only ascii characters.
I'm trying to replace all shortcuts to fast directory keys using the same key series as what is set as default, corresponding to US keyboard.

There's a long history of posts surrounding Unicode and non-ASCII character sets, and this is yet another one. Please search the Forum for background information, in particular the The Road Ahead.

Certainly, I'm aware of the problem and had expected to have looked at it by now, but time is against me.

yeah I had checked the previous topics on this subject prior to add mine. Since any solution is not yet implemented and providing one was set as a prospect on "The Road Ahead" I prefered to add my lines to support this prospect instead of waiting silently without knowing how much importance this feature was given besides the many others waiting to be implemented.