MOC as an GOD-like player server? Network use with music streaming?


I like the MidnightCommander-like interface of MOC a lot (adding MOC support into MC could be nice, too), but I think MOC can be even more useful (even for those people that only likes things with buttons): What about MOC acting like a player daemon that even sends the audio streaming (always under a lossless format or native one, that must be configurable too) to the client application? That could be useful if having a PDA or music player with wifi on your home and using your computer as a networked-jukebox, I find it very useful. Doing plugins for the most common audio playing apps could make it a success under the geek community (probably the main user group of MOC)! 8-)

Just a suggestion for that evil TODO, but I think you need a lot more developers than suggestions and none help (I will try to learn C but it will be a difficult challenge for me, so not sure if I will learn it finally) :/

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I found my dream come true: Music Player Daemon

It's sad, I like MOC a lot but MPD seems a lot interesting for me.

Daper, what about a merging to MPD? You as coder for that project seems a pretty combination.

I will test MPD soon and see if I will go to the dark side, sorry guys :(

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MPD use its own database. It's not good for me ( > 80Gb of *.mp3 files)
because it takes a lot of time to update db :(

I don't like the idea of MPD: you must install mpd, then find some client, then create a library of your files or something. One of MOC's most important ideas is to use it as simple as ./configure && make install && mocp && [ press ENTER to start playing ] without any more unnecessary steps. MPD uses diffrent idea, some people will like it, some not, there is no "the best" player.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer