patch to ignore meta-information

A while ago I was complaining about broken ogg-streams where metadata from the stream is overridden by (static/useless) information from the icecast server.
While I totally agree to that it is the streams fault and not a moc bug I have the luck to only listen to those broken streams...
Finally I lost my temper and created a patch that allows me to toggle the use of icecast information at runtime (actually any information from the stream, only decoder information is used). If this is of interest to anyone you can find the patch here : (meltdown-patch).

The patch is interesting. Maybe other possible solution would be to have higher priority for ogg tags than the ICY tags, but this should be tested in practice...

Anywhay, 85 columns is too big, I will not include this patch in MOC because users of text consoles (including me using 80x30 framebuffer console) will be not able to use MOC.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer