setup with moc, nfs, ssh and LIRC


Description of my setup:

I have a PC with spinning disks. This one is switched on at daytime.

And a thin client without moving parts. This one is switched on all the time.

I use it as server, it wakes me with music, is audio player with moc and more.

The PC has by far the greatest collection of songs.

They are shared on the local network with nfs.

#!/bin/sh -x
mount -t nfs fx4100:/home /mnt/fx4100

I want to operate the thin client over my local network, so I have a ssh connection.

Moc is operated via ssh.

#!/bin/sh -x
$ssh -t t620d mocp

I made a InfrRed receiver, I have it connected with a COM port on the PC.
The thin client has no COM port.

LIRC (Linux InfraRedControl) is used for the software, set the functions fot the buttons.
It runs on the PC, so the commands are send to the player on the thin client with ssh.

Excerpt from its configfile:

button = 33
prog = irexec
config = echo "shuffle off" ; sudo -u username ssh -q -t t620d "reset ; mocp --off shuffle"

Every button is programmable.

With a 30 years old TV remote control I can operate the moc runnning on the thin client.

I had some buttons left so I made a A-B repeat function.
set time A is a button, set time B another, and End Repeat a third button.

When I want to really go for good quality music at daytime i choose mpd on the PC, connected with a tube amplifier and real speakers.

At daytime the thin client plays music located on the PC, at nighttime mpd with a local, smaller collection of music is used.

I still use mpd at nighttime on the thin client, because I made scripts to use it as sleep timer and a alarm for waking me up (with a very slow increasement of volume, a real nice way to wake up).

Perhaps one day I will make the scripts for moc as well.

I use fluxbox on my computers, so I made entries for the functions in my menu real simple.

fx4100 is my PC,
t620d my thin client.