recognize changed track names

after editing "01_Track_01.flac" to "01_Actual_Title.flac" moc still shows "01_Track_01.flac", which of course should be "01_Actual_Title.flac" after the change.


Right now you need to manually refresh track listing (default key "r"). I have an experimental patch to do it automatically, but at the moment it introduces more problems than it solves :)

"r" nor "control-r" do anything.
I'm using 2.6-alpha1 btw.

After pressing "r" file list should at least blink and file names and tags should be re-read. If you change file names that should work in your case, I don't know why it doesn't (unless you changed default keybindings).

However there is a known issue that if you edit only tags without changing the name and a timestamp, MOC still uses cached tag values. I don't know any way around it other than manually removing MOC's tag cache ~/.moc/cache.