2.4.1 and modplug.patch

Hi all,

I am preparing new Debian 2.4.1 binaries. The modplug patch http://www.tzi.de/~hiben/moc/ doesn't apply?


I've put an updated patch here: ftp://ftp.daper.net/pub/soft/moc/patches/modplug-2.4.1.patch

After applying run:
aclocal -I m4 && autoheader && automake -W all -a && autoconf -W syntax

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Thanks, that works ;)


The path to source is always uphill ;-)

Thanks for the updated patch. Very nice to see there is a new release and no work to integrate the patch... ;-) (had not checked for a while)

Just to add my two cents : There was a sound-issue/bug with libmodplug <= 0.7 (that will remain with the current default options for the plugin) but it seems to be gone with version 0.8.