Moc does not open https radio streams. Example: It treats the link as the file and problem prevails when run from the m3u file.

It popped up not so long ago. Here is a patch, if you're able to apply it, then it might help:

Index: files.c =================================================================== --- files.c (revision 2963) +++ files.c (working copy) @@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ inline int is_url (const char *str) { return !strncasecmp (str, "http://", sizeof ("http://") - 1) + || !strncasecmp (str, "https://", sizeof ("https://") - 1) || !strncasecmp (str, "ftp://", sizeof ("ftp://") - 1); }

not a problem as I use void linux and I can just throw in patches