track sorting order suggestion

moc-2.4.0-2 from Debian Etch

Sorting in files and Playlist pannels will be done not just by filename (or track title).

I suggest following sorting order when read files from directory (when navigate or add directory to playlist):

1. by artist
2. by album (from ID3 or other tag)
3. by track number
4. by song title

Track number will not displayed at all in these lists (it looks ugly when track in not order).

You may disable it by apropriate FormatString setting in config file.

Show track number without sorting by it looks ugle.

May be remove it from default format at all?

I glad to use just:

FormatString = "%(a:%a - :)%(t:%t:)%(A: \(%A\):)"

I think it's a matter of taste and anybody can set FormatString to whatever he/she likes.
For example, most of files in my music collection have track numbers in file names, so they are sorted by track numbers.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Implementation of sorting files by tags in MOC is not totally trivial, because when you enter some directory or add files to the playlist tags are not available yet. They are loaded by the server in a separate thread, so sorting by artist etc. is possibile after all tags were received.

Another thing is that I haven't done anything in MOC beside fixing bugs for about 7 months due to lack of free time and this is not likely to change in the near future.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer