Playlist, names, time...

How can I make Mocp run quicker when loading big playlist - more than 10000 items?
Now it reads all tags and runs in 30 seconds, you agree that it's much too much :/
I'd like to also make playlist names only filenames, not path'n'filenames. How to do it?
Thanks for every reply.

To turn off file name paths, add "PlaylistFullPaths = no" to ~/.moc/config

I think you can't speed up loading playlists. You can set ReadTags to no in the config file, but it will not affect the speed, because the tags are already in the playlist file. What is your hardware? 30s is quite bad time.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I've just removed tags from my music collection, playlist loading time seems to be quicker but still I have to wait some time. My "music server" computer is Athlon 2400+@2GHZ/512DDR+SATA HDD. I don't think hardware affects loading time 'cause Audacious loads in few seconds.