Feature Request - Some more shell attributes


in order to build a nice colorfull shining webinterface(well, i know my jokes are the worst xD) it would be very interresting to give the Moc-Deamon two or three more attributes, like mocp --play. But i want more informations about the songs which he is playing. For example that mocp --file lets the server answer which file he is playing with the full path. The second should show only the number of the item of the playlist which he is playing.
Another one, i dont know if its already build in, but it would be also nice if there is an attribute like jump [index], with this command the player jumps to the index of the playlist and plays this item.
I hope it is possible to build this commands in.

BTW. Moc is the best player in the world ;)

Thx Rippchen