[Feature Request] Some kind of Visualization?


first of all BIG THX for this player - awesome program and features (themes!), a job well done.
Will it be possible to implement some sort of music visualization option in the future?
Something like this:
It could reside at the bottom of the MOC window (maybe could be configuralbe from config file - colors, position, bar thickness etc)

For a time being - you might try running MOC inside screen with horizontally split display and just run MOC in top part and cli-visualizer in the bottom.

I have long intended to include some kind of visualisation... but it's still on the TODO list (along with all the other things I want to do once I get through the backlog of contributions and higher priority work).

My current thinking is a fairly simple one; something like the volume bars displayed by SoX's play(1). Other visuals might also be possible, and I will have a look at cli-visualizer (once it moves off GitHub).

But there are two considerations at present: the lack of screen real estate (which you've also identified), and the amount of data traffic from the server to the client(s). I do have a solution to the first, and the second may be a non-issue with other data transfer mechanisisms.

I don't think MOC should provide some fancy visualization. Volume bars would be nice, but more than that could be provided by external tools (using e.g. split screen).

I looked at this cli-visualizer and couldn't get it to work with ALSA. However it might be possible to relatively easily patch MOC provide FIFO file like MPD does. However I don't know how MPD deals with blocking issue of FIFO file. Other solution would be to move to the Pulse Audio when the plugin hits the tree.

projectM was suggested in another thread a few years ago. I don't know if it is still relevant, though.

As far as I understand the same things apply - you either need to patch MOC to interface with libprojectm, or switch to Pulseaudio.