minimum terminal width


Thanks for the good work on MOC! I'm currently using cplay but MOC is much better - except for one thing: cplay works in tiny terminal windows of only 40 characters width, moc currently does not:

david@chopin ~
$ moc

FATAL_ERROR: The terminal is too small after resizei

(Note the linebreak after 62 characters.)

What would have to be done to make MOC work on small terminal windows? I'd also like to remove vertical frame lines because my layout will always either show playlist or directory window.

Thanks for any hints where I could look.


If you are really serious about this, you should have a look at 'interface_elements.(c/h)'. For a start you could just remove/alter the minimun with check but be prepared for a mess on your terminal :-)
If you are not into hacking on the source there is nothing you can do about this afaik...

Yes, this is the right place to do the changes. The limit comes from all options displayed at the bottom of the screen: [STEREO] [NET] [SHUFFLE] [REPEAT] [NEXT]. They could be replaced with something like ST NE SH RE NE or even shorter. I suggest starting from info_win_draw_options_state() function.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Thanks, that worked! Still looks a bit weird but that's just tuning. Keep up the good work!