Incorrect any theme view


I'm use mocp 2.5.2, and in any theme, except standart blue theme, i have ugly blue rectangle in time-block, see screenshot.

I try install different's themes, but nothink happens.

Screenshot with bug (darkdot_theme):
No ugly rectangle (standart theme):

I cannot see any images on those URLs, but they may be embedded in JavaScript.

E-mail mocmaint the screenshots.

Would be nice to have control over this blue color too. I have no blue in the config but its still there.

... so e-mail to mocmaint.

Why cant you see imgur images BTW?

Now I can see your problem. Could you send me your theme and the output of running the infocmp command, please.

As to the imgur images, I was expecting to see an image or a link to an image (that wasn't just some icon) but could not (and still cannot even now that I know what it is that I'm looking for).

...with infocmp and the theme

I could reproduce what you are seeing (which is always a good start) and think that setting the '*_info' entries in your theme would probably achieve what you want; specificly selected_info, marked_info and marked_selected_info.

These are documented in the distributed example_theme file, and there may be others that are missing from your theme which you'll need to use to fully achieve your goal.

Yep, those three musketeers were missing in my theme file.
Now my elementaryOS MOC theme is complete. Would like to add it to default themes distributed along with the program if possible.
Where should I send it?
Thanks for your help and for a gr8 program!

I'm pleased that I've been able to resolve your problem.

I wonder if the OP's problem had the same cause. He never did e-mail me those screenshots, so his problem never got resolved; you did, so your problem was resolved.

Are you able to see if his screenshots indicate that he has the same problem that you had?

Send your theme to mocmaint and it will be included in the next ThemePack.

I was working on putting together a new ThemePack when I found a problem in testing. It took a while to find the cause and a little more time to figure out a circumvention. (It's not actually a bug, and neither is it straight-forward.) Unfortunately, I haven't found the time yet to implement that solution but it is one of the three patchsets left to be committed before MOC 2.6 is released.

It is important to get that patchset distributed before releasing the updated ThemePack, however. So there will be a delay in doing that.

Thanks for the screenshots. The problem the OP describes does have the same cause as yours.

In his case, the problem arises in commit r2057 which introduced the *_info formats and notes that only the example_theme has been updated and the others will need to be updated: "without that they will look bad." So that's something which is still outstanding.

I have to admit that the prospect of having to retrofit new formats to existing themes is something which has prevented me from adding new formats in the past.

I shall include your two new themes in the upcoming ThemePack.

So, I will now consider this problem solved but awaiting an update to existing themes.