Call for testing: 2.3.0-beta1 released.

New features since 2.3.0-alpha2:

  • Added support for musepack (mpc).
  • Added support for PLS version 2 playlists.
  • Added mono to stereo conversion.
  • Added black_theme (by Arn).
  • Information about the state of prebuffering is displayed.
  • Two mixer channels can be set in the configuration file. They can be
    switched at run time by pressing x.
  • History for "go to a directory" and "enter URL" commands (using arrows).
  • CTRL-l like CTRL-r refreshes the screen.
  • MusicDir can be set to a playlist.
  • Separated iconv() conversion for file names and tags.
  • Improved performance a bit when operating on big playlists.
  • G command points to the currently played file - on the playlist if it's
    there, and selects it in the menu.
  • When going to a directory using the i command, TAB completes to the
    matching part of ambiguous directories.
  • Volume changes made by other programs are detected.
  • Added --recursively command line option (make a playlist from the content
    of a directory given at command line).
  • Show bitrate in the right time - the value corresponds to what you can
    hear, not the position that the decoder is at.
  • Added description about creating a decoder plugin.
  • Added introduction pages to Doxygen documentation.
  • Documented decoder plugins API.