Softmixer_SaveState doesn't work with jack



moc is ignoring the software mixer volume when using jack and trying to
save it.

If press 'x' (twice for some reason) to turn off the software mixer,
it will save it and load it next time. But this has no effect on the volume.

Alternatively I'd like to start it with a certain volume, but doing mocp -v 65
throws an error that the server isn't running.

Any ideas how I can get a startup or saved volume when using jack?
It works fine with alsa.

It looks like setting 'Value: 65' manually in ~/.moc/softmixer does affect the volume but the mixer still shows 100.

I guess that's good enough for now.

If press 'x' (twice for some reason) ...

MOC assumes three mixer channels (with the SoftMixer being the third) and the MOC Jack sound driver ignores toggle mixer channel requests, therefore you have to press it twice (redundantly) to get to the SoftMixer. This assumption should be reviewed now that the variety of sound drivers has grown since it was made.

mocp -v 65

Although it isn't obvious on the manpage (and needs clarification), the -v option only adjusts the volume of an already-running MOC server; it does not start the server with that volume setting.

It works fine with alsa.

I tested with ALSA and confirm that everything works. The softmixer is sound driver agnostic, so it should also work with Jack.

The SoftMixer is not automatically selected or activated when the MOC server is started. There is a new option in the pipeline to control that behaviour because it will be required to support the libao sound driver; it will also be applicable in your case.