Chocolate Sunset Theme



Here's a theme that I made that I find nice on the eyes. The theme assumes that your terminal has many colors.

Regretfully, doesn't play well with Konsole, but works nice with Xfce terminal.

If you run infocmp -I | grep colors in your Konsole terminal and the 'colors' entry has a value less than the number of the colors used in the theme (and in the result from running the same command in Xfce), then you have probably run into the "colour-bleed" problem.

This is one of the three problems to be resolved before MOC 2.6 is released.

Both report the same thing: xterm-256color|xterm with 256 colors. Konsole has a problem with red and magenta redefined colors. In Xfce term blue in time bar also looks bad (too intense), but that's minor.

Thanks for your theme, "zikad".

I am building a new themes pack, so theme donations are welcome. But it needs to wait until I have the fix to resolve the "colour-bleed" problem in place in MOC 2.6 before I can issue it as the problem does affect some of the themes already donated.

Please e-mail your patch to mocmaint as GitHub is no longer a trusted source.

You are welcome!
Please feel free to use the theme any way you like, and to include it into the themes pack.

I sent an e-mail to