Hi-contrast green theme


Hi. New user. Found about MOC while reviewing a 2010 copy of Linux Journal.
Love it! Had been using mplayer in mc to listen to music anyway!!
I liked the green theme that came with MOC but I found the contrast not to my
liking so I bolded a couple things and changed some colors and I would
call this theme "high-contrast green". Enjoy.

# Hi-contrast-green theme by Richard Sonnenfeld
# based on green theme by Jacek Lehmann
# best viewed on shaded or black terminal

background = default default
frame = black default
window_title = white default
directory = yellow default
selected_directory = yellow default bold
playlist = blue default
selected_playlist = magenta default
file = green default bold
selected_file = cyan default
marked_file = green default bold
marked_selected_file = cyan default bold
info = cyan default
status = magenta default
title = white green bold
state = magenta default
current_time = magenta default
time_left = cyan default
total_time = cyan default
time_total_frames = magenta default
sound_parameters = cyan default
legend = magenta default bold
disabled = black default
enabled = yellow default
empty_mixer_bar = green default
filled_mixer_bar = black green
empty_time_bar = green default
filled_time_bar = black green
entry = yellow default
entry_title = red default
error = red default
message = yellow default
plist_time = magenta default