MOC in "Debian Package of the Day" web page

Hi everyone,

Since I like MOC so much, I recently wrote an article about it, which can be found here: . I don't have any coding skills, so spreading the word about this great app is the best and humble thing I can do. Note that comments of readers and users were very possitive so far.

MOC rocks!!.
Developers: keep up with the good work!.


PS: The way I see it, it would be nice if an email adress is provided somewhere in the website, so that anyone could write to the MOC team.

Wow, thanks! The number of visits on this site at 11-07-2007 increased by more than 50% than average :)

My contact email is intentionally only in one or two places on this site because most of my emails related to MOC were worth to post public, so I prefer the forum. Not talking about constantly repeated questions :)

Hmm, maybe it's not so good, so I'll ad a "Contact" page.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer