Can't get decoder for ...


I've got a Gentoo 2.6.21 kernel running in-kernel alsa drivers. Alsa is up and working, and I have ffmpeg/libmad/libid3tags all installed, as well as MOC. I can run mocp, and it displays the media flies in my music directory, however when I attempt to play one of these media files, I get an error saying something like this:

Can't get decoder for /stuff/OuterSpace - Jedi Mind Tricks Presents OuterSpace (V0)/12 - Divine Evil (feat. Chief Kamachi).mp3

Does anybody have any ideas or experience with this problem?

Is it possible that you had another version/compilation of MOC installed, possibly in other directory and you are running mocp when the old mocp server is still running? I mean, try ps ax | grep mocp to see if there are any mocp processes, kill them and try again.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

How silly of me!

That fixed it... aparently there was another process running from earlier in the day before i updated libmad. It works now, thanks!

BTW, great player, keep up the development!