MOC autoconnect to JACK output

Hi, i was wondering how to make MOC autoconnect to a JACK output. I'm using jack with freebob, so my output should go to system:playback_

The only way i can do it now is through patchage, but life would be so much easier with less clicks :)

is there any way to do it through some config file?.. I'm new to MOC, but i'm loving it already.. thanx

I also use freebob. I put the next 2 lines in ~/.moc/config :

JackOutLeft = "freebob_pcm:dev1p_LineOut 1+2 left"
JackOutRight = "freebob_pcm:dev1p_LineOut 1+2 right"

It seems to solve the problem but jack complains about the process exits.
And mocp it's as mcop is traing in server mode. I don'know how to fix this.


Hi, I'm using freebob with a firepod, i simply use:

JackOutLeft = "system:playback_1"
JackOutRight = "system:playback_2"


I have forgoten, I use freebob with an Edirol FA66.
It seems that parameters depends on the hardware use...
I think there is a solution : Jackd can tell which parameters