Can I hardcode my soundcard?

MOC version: 

I run moc with a denon soundcard (Denon Da-300Usb) and have many power cutst here. The soundcard powers down and doesn't come back on automatically - so moc is rebooting with no conection to it. The process is then turn on soundcard>reboot moc>select soundcard as defaul again>reboot moc and i'm good to go, I've had years of this and am longing to make it better.

Is it possible for me to hardcorde my soundcard in the conf file so then I could just power the card and reboot the system to get going again.


I'm not exactly sure what do you mean by "select soundcard as defaul again". You can select a sound device in MOC config file .moc/config and it will use only that particular device. If it is unavailable, MOC would refuse to start. You can get the device name from commands like aplay -L. For example you could set AlsaDevice = "default:CARD=DX,DEV=0".

I suspect however that you use some middleware like Pulseaudio and it is causing your problems. If it is what you're doing (i.e. MOC is connecting to some Pulseaudio sink), then the problem probably lies elsewhere.