snap when unpausing


MOC version: 

It appears, that mocp turns off the output driver of my sound card (e.g. set it into some high-impedance state), when I pause a song. This leads to
a) some noise on the speakers when being paused and (more annoyingly)
b) a loud snap sound, when I unpause the song.
This can be avoided, if I keep the line-in un-muted. However, I'd like to keep it muted (most of the time), because there is a different sound source connected there.

Any ideas, what might be going on and how to avoid it? I'm also willing to provide more details of the system (arch linux 32) if you tell me, where to look.


I can see that would be very annoying. What sound subsystem are you using?

I suspect that it's related to an already known issue. I have only recently been able to reproduce this, but debugging is difficult because it's probably a timing issue so any instrumentation which is included for debugging purposes alters the timing and masks the problem.

Are you able to run MOC in debugging mode (the -D option) and see whether the mocp_server_log file produced says "Conversion of the sound is needed." for the offending file(s)? If so, please post the sound parameters from the following two lines.