Live configuration reload

MOC version: 

Is it possible to reload configuration file while moc is running? Like sourcing the config file or something?
I'm playing with configuration options and I would like to be able to quickly see the changes without restarting the player

Reloading the MOC configuration file on-the-fly is not currently available.

I did consider being able to alter the options from within a pop-up panel, but there are a number of issues with this and I decided it would not be on the agenda (at least in the forseeable future). However, I did not consider reloading the whole configuration file; this may be possible but I can immediately see similar issues and there are more pressing requirements for MOC.

To make your life a little simpler, you can use the -O command line option when starting MOC to override configuration file options and that would at least save you the bother of repeatedly editting the configuration file itself.