Green - blue theme


MOC version: 

#green - blue theme

background = default default
frame = blue default
window_title = green default bold
directory = blue default bold
selected_directory = blue default bold,reverse
playlist = white default bold
selected_playlist = white blue bold
file = white default
selected_file = white default reverse
marked_file = green default bold
marked_selected_file = green default bold,reverse
info = blue default
selected_info = white default reverse
marked_info = blue default
marked_selected_info = green default bold,reverse
status = green default
title = green default bold
state = white default
current_time = white default
time_left = white default
total_time = white default
time_total_frames = white default
sound_parameters = white default
legend = white default
disabled = white default
enabled = blue default
empty_mixer_bar = white default
filled_mixer_bar = black green
empty_time_bar = white default
filled_time_bar = black green
entry = white default
entry_title = black cyan
error = red default bold
message = green default bold
plist_time = green default bold

Thanks for your contribution.

I have several themes which have been submitted and I know I need to issue an updated themes tarball. But there is a bug in the MOC theme processing, the "colour bleed bug", which can cause colours to be carried over between themes when switching. I am delaying the new tarball until I get that bug fixed.

Thank you for the moc, I hope you will succeed.