MOC takes long to exit (after q or Q command) with big playlist (hangs on "Reading tags...").

By default MOC saves the playlist on exit and to do so it must read all tags (more specifically: times of files). This operation may take long for the following reasons:

  • You have a large playlist when you exit MOC, and:
  • File times on the playlist are not loaded (not displayed in the interface)

This with conjunction with the default MOC configuration leads to delayed exit with a large playlist loaded.

There are few things you can do if it happens:

  • Abort reading tags when it happens using Ctrl-C. This will cause that the playlist will not be saved.
  • Set
    ShowTime = yes

    in ~/.moc/config. This will cause that reading times starts in background just after files appear in the interface, not on exit or when you play it.

  • Increase

    to some value that tags from all your files will fit in the cache, so reading will happen only once and after that they will be loaded from the cache which is much faster.