The development of MOC slowed down a bit, but don't worry, here is a new alpha release: 2.2.0-alpha2. The changes are:

  • Displaying the total time of files on the playlist and in directories.
  • Faster reading and saving playlists.
  • Added --pause and --unpause command line parameters.
  • Added G command: go to a directory when the currently played file is.
  • Added U command: go to '..'.
  • Added nightly_theme.
  • Recognize if a file was modified and rereading tags and time if necessary.
  • The cursor is hidden when it's not needed.
  • Fixed sorting when using the A command.
  • Position of time and format in menu is fixed.
  • Searching for a theme in the user directory first.
  • Fixed interrupting operations with CTRL-C in some places.
  • Fixed a memory leak when reading OGG tags.
  • Few fixes when running MOC with file names or directories as arguments.
  • Fixed reading track numbers for mp3 files.
  • Changed the erroneous name of the time_left_frames to time_total_frames in themes.