Use moc throuh network connection.


Can I use moc to connect to server throuh network? Like mpd + mdp_client.
Because I read man page and used google and didn't find this possibility.

Depends on what you want to do:
MOCs server-part plays the music (on the machine it runs on) while the clients are for interacting with the server.
It is very easy to use the client via a SSH- or other remote-shell if that is what you mean.
There is no streaming of music to the client though...

For example I have PC with speakers and music collection on that machine.
Can I lunch moc-server at PC and moc-client at laptop, and client must connect to server through network
socket and browse files which are located at server?

I know that I can do this with ssh.
I have some experience in C programming, and was looking into moc's sources, and as I understood moc-client
can't take files listing from server through the socket. Am I right? In this case ssh is the only way.


MOC, in its current implementation, uses UNIX-domain sockets for communication between server and client. As a result of this, all connected clients are running on the same machine (unless you are doing some bizarre/funny things with socat).

This makes transferring directory listing unneeded and therefore there is no support (AFAIK).

Thinking of socket relays ala socat: It would be interesting to see how the server reacts if the client selects a file from an other machine - I hope it fails somewhat gracefully and does not crash... :-)
I'll definitely try this when I have some time.

But for normal use, remote shells are the way to go.