Adding files from search to playlist

First off thanks for the great software! I do have a question on searching. I'd like to build playlists based on search criteria. If I search for "gin blossoms" is there a way to add all those files into a playlist when the search is done? Normally, I would use the add key and files get added to the playlist side of things. How is this done when you do the search?



I think searching and adding a song is a very popular use case, so this would be a very useful addition.

1) For example, ^a could be the key for adding songs to playlist during search.

2) Alternatively, "switching" focus to the list from the search buffer could also help (now, pressing esc would deactivate the filter).

Related use case:

As a moc user,
I want to search for a song by title or artist and add it to the playlist,
so that adding songs to playlist is as fast as possible.