Load files to ramdisc before playing

Would it be possible to write a script, which loads mostly all files in the current playlist to a specified ramdisc? By doing so it would be possible to shutdown the harddrive for a while.

You get a similar effect by configure big enough buffers (input buffer), and turn mmap off (the default). I don't know if that prefetches through song boundaries (iirc yes it does, but not sure) and sometime one has tiny skips when the harddisk needs to spun up, would be nice if the buffering code would account for that an do early prefetching (perhaps double buffering? i didnt looked at the implementation). Having some prefetching with mmap enabled (posix_madvise(...WILLNEED)) would be also a nice idea.

Anyways here is my config which allows the laptop drive shut down for extended time:

# Output buffer doesnt need to be too big
# decoded data wastes mem anyways
OutputBuffer = 512

# 32MB Input buffer, thats quite some minutes mp3
# increase this if you want
InputBuffer = 32768

# Dont make prebuffering to big
Prebuffering = 256

# in my experience buffering doesnt work well with mmap
UseMmap = no