Multiple jack outputs

I have many diferent rooms with speakers in them (4) they are all getting a feed of moc music, but I have to vnc to my sound server to get the mixer (mom wants the voloume lower in the family room, I want to rock in my room, dads trying to watcha youtube on the computer downstairs (receiving stream from netjack))

So I need diferent voloume levels.

all I would like is multiple outputs (stereo, and when I start mocp I would use an option like mocp -o 4 (for my four rooms, 8 jack outputs)

then in mocp, use the ; and the ' key to cycle through moc jack outputs, so I could have each session of moc have the voloume controll the room it is running in.

As I mentioned before (previous topic i posted) I would be willing to sponsor this feature, (30$ USD or so)

I appreciate if others would comment if this feature would benifit them.