Sorting by Track


First off, fantastic program! I love it!

The only problem I have is that occasionally when I add an album, the tracks are not sorted by track number. They seem to be sorted randomly. Is there a way to sort by track number? I can't seem to find it in the documentation anywhere.

Thanks in advance, and great job on the program!

I should mention, I do not have shuffle on when adding or playing the tracks. This problem seems to be specific to the album. Some albums always are sorted out of order, others are always correctly sorted by track order. Also, the track numbering shows up correctly in the tags, just not sorted in that order.


i got same situation and my conclusion is that tracks are sorted somehow by the filename too. i mean when, for example, an mp3 file has a correct tag, but doesn't have an album position number in its name, track in moc are sorted by filename in alfabetical (or else what) order, afaics

so, it would be great for me too to find the remedy
p.s. sorry for my english

The tracks are sorted in alphanumerical order but numbers are not considered, only digits are, so the solution is to have all files in an folder follow this rule:
$some_stuff$number$whatever. All the files in the folder must start exactly by the same $some_stuff and the number must always have as much digits as the track that has the most digits (2 digits usually works fine).
For instance:
% ls Symphonie\ n.5/
1 - Symphony No.5 in C minor Op 67 - Allegro con brio.mp3
2 - Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op 67 - Andante con moto.mp3
3 - Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op 67 - Allegro.mp3
4 - Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op 67 - Allegro.mp3
% ls Metallica/The\ Best\ Of/ -1
Metallica_03 - Enter Sandman .wma
Metallica_05 - Sad But True.wma
Metallica_08 - Holier than Thou.wma
Metallica_10 Piste 10.wma
Metallica_11 Piste 11.wma
Metallica_12 Piste 12.wma
Metallica_13 Piste 13.wma
Metallica_14 Piste 14.wma
Metallica_15 Piste 15.wma

But I think moc should really be able to order tracks using numbers.