First beta release for 2.0.0: 2.0.0-beta1. All features planned for 2.0.0 are implemented. I think 2.0.0 will be released next week, for now, please test this. Changes:

  • Added H command and ShowHiddenFiles option.
  • MOC remembers the last directory and starts in it at the next session.
  • Added d command - delete an item from the playlist.
  • Added StartInMusicDir configuration option and -m option.
  • When passing some file names as arguments, MOC will make a playlist, or if there was one directory - enters to it.
  • Playing more at one audio_play() call.
  • Added options to manage the server playlist: --append --clear, and --play.
  • Setting priority and scheduler for buffer thread.
  • Updated documentation and example configuration.
  • Some fixes.