thanks for creating moc. It is really great piece of software.

Unlucky with the newest development version it stopped working as it
used to(it was very convenient way).

mocp2.4.4 runned as follows:

mocp -p

started server and starts playing in background. All 2.5 versions
ends with:

FATAL_ERROR: The server is not running

The error occurs due to changes in main.c lines 624-627 in current
code. Changes in code and values set in params instead of running
function start_moc, runs server_command.

Is it bug or feature?


I have this problem too in 2.5.0_alpha4.
I typed "mocp -p" in "2.5.0_alpha3-r3".
In "2.5.0_alpha4": "mocp -S; mocp -p".