Setting Volume balance within each MOCP instance


I'd like to run two instances of MOCP to serve two different zones within my offices. I only have one soundcard however with one stereo Line-out.

I'm quite happy to play mono tracks for each zone and wondered if I could simply set MOCP#1 balance to LEFT and MOCP#2 balance to RIGHT and allow each of the instances to stream to either side if the stereo output?

Control of each side of the stereo output could be scripted I guess.

I can make up a simple jack/adapter to split out the sound accordingly to go to either area in our offices, but how to set the balance on each MOCP instance is baffling me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have managed to run to MOC servers that play different music you can at least with OSS4 (Don't know if it's possible with ALSA) balance the audio streams in the ossmixer. So that MOC stream1 in left and stream2 right.