Error ./configure in Fedora 13

Hello friends of MOC forum.
Today I read in my reader a topic when mention MOC, and I decide tried. Well all good but when i run ./configure file show this:
"configure: error: You need curses/ncurses library and header files."
Now I search this library and run the command "sudo yum install ncurses-libs
" says this "Package ncurses-libs-5.7-7.20100130.fc13.i686 already installed and latest version".
I'm new in fedora, and don'w know referred this command, what i need to install the curses/ncurses library.
And this is all, thank you for you atention && sorry for my poor english :). Bye

I guess you need ncurses-devel package, too :-)
If you want to compile something, always install appropriate -devel packages.

Yeah, you need devel tools installed. Also, did you check if it isn't already in your repos? MOC is a well-known beautiful music player and should be already available in your system.