2.3.0 released

Long awaited 2.3.0 release is here. There are many new features (full list is here).

Most important are:

  • Network streams (shoutcast, icecast, regular HTTP, FTP). You can load an
    m3u file with a URL or use the 'o' command.
  • JACK output (by Alex Norman).
  • Added support for musepack (mpc).
  • Added support for speex format.
  • The search command filters out not matching elements from the menu and
    allows to walk through the items like in the regular menu.
  • Plugins: to drop dependencies from many exotic libraries, support for
    file formats was moved to shared libraries. This should help making MOC
    packages in future when more formats will be added.
  • Sample rate conversion using libsamplerate and some sound conversions
    like 16bit -> 24bit etc. With 24bit sound cards 24bit output is used with
  • Added support for PLS version 2 playlists.
  • New theme: Yellow/Red (by Morten Grunnet Buhl).
  • Added commands to set volume from 10% to 90% in 10% steps, default
    bindings are ALT-1 to ALT-9.
  • Added commands to quickly go to a selected directories (by Alex Norman).
  • Added --info command line option that prints all information about the
    currently played file. (Based on the code by Michael Banks)
  • Two mixer channels can be set in the configuration file. They can be
    switched at run time by pressing x.
  • Added SeekTime option: how fast the seeking is. (Kamil Tarkowski)
  • When going to a directory using the i command, TAB completes to the
    matching part of ambiguous directories.
  • Added UseRealtimePriority (default no) option: set realtime priority for
    the output buffer thread.