Two bugs

Hi, two possible bugs. I searched the forum and couldn't find anything on either, please forgive if these are resolved.
MOC version: 2.5.0~alpha3+svn20 [Debian Lenny]

1) Encoding issue with ID3v2 tags. Displaying a tag with certain characters (especially accented characters) results in garbage. Röyksopp becomes Röyksopp.
I don't have any ID3v1 tags. I tag all my files using id3lib (via id3v2 from sourceforge). The filename is also named similarly and moc shows that fine. My $LANG is en_US.UTF-8

2) Playlist invisible on crash. moc appears to save playlist on creation, and continues playing if client exits suddenly or quits (detaches). However, if it is killed or exits suddenly (e.g. ssh connection dropped) the playlist is no longer visible. The most recent 'saved' playlist (playlist active during manual detach) is displayed, but the playlist active during crash continues to play unseen.
I tried filing with debian package maintainer but it was described as a feature. For the playlist to become invisible. He didn't reply to any further questions..