"mocp -p" does not play previous playlist


I'd like to be able to launch moc in the background with "mocp -p" and have it play
from the remembered playlist, but it doesn't work.

Thanks for you help

PS: using debian's 2.3.2-4

Works perfect here with 2.3.2+2.4.0-alpha1-3 from experimental and doesn't work either with 2.3.2-4 and SyncPlaylist = yes in config. Could you please report this to the Debian BTS. I'll take care of that.


Debians moc mainatainer

The path to source is always uphill;-)

Hmm, I removed my custumized $HOME/.moc and replaced it with the defaults out of /usr/share/doc/moc/examples annnnnd.....
It works with 2.3.2-4 as well. So we have to find out which settings in config are influencing that behaviour. Damian, could you please investigate?


The path to source is always uphill ;-)
--No bugreport needed anymore ;)--

--play (-p), --clear, --append do not work well in 2.3, it's a known bug. This is really kind of design issue, not a bug, caused by difficult client-server design, so I've fixed it only in the development version and I don't plan to fix it in 2.3.x line.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer